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We just finished up another fantastic guide school.  Aaron, Rob, Dylan, and Drew was the dream team of students, who will all be guiding someday in the near future.  All venues fished excellent for us this week.


The Pit River is fishing excellent.  High stick nymphing is the most productive technique here until the caddis hatch is the evenings.  If you cover water and have good presentations, you will find plenty of fish.

The McCloud River has also been fishing excellent.  Dry dropper is my favorite rig here.  If they aren't eating on top, go to a high stick nymph rig and cover water.  Every evening on the Mac provides good dry fly fishing this time of year.  Stick it out!


Fall River has had some fun head hunting opportunities in the mornings for large fish eating calibaetis emergers and spinners.  Its a tough game to play, but more rewarding than just staring at a bobber and cleaning weeds off of it every cast.  Sinking line techniques are also working, pulling damsels and leaches.  Fishing has been shutting off by around 2pm, so good time for a break then go fish the hex in the evening.  It's been starting really late this year, at around 9:15 so don't pack it in too early.


Hat Creek has been fishing great in the mornings and evenings.  Excellent trico spinner fall from about 8 to 10.  Fantastic caddis hatch in the evenings with a smattering of mayflies to keep you busy.  Mid day has been slow here. 

 The upper Rogue has started to get steelhead trickling in.  I'm heading up there this weekend.  Mornings are the best time to swing one up this time of year up there.  I will be back to guide it for the month of November after the Grande Ronde in October.

Reports from the lower Klamath are good!  We start our spey camps down there August 1st and have one open spot left.  Contact me for details.


Posted: July 18, 2016, 12:00 am
Two "Whitewater Weekends" are coming up in August and September on the Pit River.  The releases occur in Pit 5 only and are scheduled for August 13-14 and September 10-11.  Flows are typically in the 425cfs range throughout the summer months.  During the whitewater releases the flows will increase to 1500cfs for the August event and 1200cfs for the September event.  Fishing will be next to impossible during these weekends on Pit 5.
Posted: July 16, 2016, 12:00 am
I just finished up two days of really good fishing on the Lower Sac with clients Chuck and Bill.  We fished Posse Grounds to Anderson yesterday and Bonnyview to Balls Ferry today.  Fishing was on fire at times, with multiple 18" rainbows coming out of certain spots.  The fishing was good in the morning, excellent around lunch time, and generally slowed down around 2:30pm.  The weather was really hot in the afternoon, especially today.  Fish are mainly eating small mayfly and caddisfly patterns right now.  The size and condition of the fish is excellent right now.  We landed several 18" rainbows that were close to 3 pounds in weight.  Flows have been steady at 10000cfs for almost a week now and the fish really seem to like it!
Posted: July 14, 2016, 12:00 am
Brian Kohlman and I took our 2016 Guide School students out on the Lower Sac today.  We have four great guys in the class this year.  Some had rowing experience already, others did not.  They all learned a ton about rowing and they caught some great fish in the process.  The river fished very well today and we hooked a lot of 18"+ fish.  The biggest was about 21".  The grab was really good throughout the whole day.
Posted: July 12, 2016, 12:00 am

I fished stripers today with Don and Mike from the Santa Rosa area.  The weather was perfect (not overly hot) and we hardly saw any other boats on the river.  We covered about 20 miles of river by the end of the day.  We started off with some good action, but then fishing was tough from about 11am to 2pm.  The bite improved in the afternoon, though.  Don finished the day with at least five fish, the largest about 3 pounds.  Mike landed a couple of larger schoolies too.

Visibility is improving and the weedbeds are starting to come in.  The river looks a lot better than it did just 10 days ago.  I anticipate more fish and more big fish once the weedbeds become established and the forage fish arrive in good numbers. 

Posted: July 6, 2016, 12:00 am
After the busy 4th of July weekend, the weather has cooled off a bit and everything is fishing pretty good in the Intermountain area, especially the hex hatch on Fall.  We have some prime available dates left in July before we kick off our steelhead season in August on the Klamath.  We still have a few spots open for Speycamp, please contact me with any questions.  
Posted: July 5, 2016, 12:00 am
Scott Saiki's client for Tuesday, June 28th just had to cancel his trip.  Scott is now available to fish the Fall River, Lower Sac, or pretty much any other area fishery.  The Fall River is fishing very well right now, with the hex hatch being the big draw.  Get in touch if you would like to jump on this prime date!
Posted: June 26, 2016, 12:00 am

I did my first-ever striper/hex combo trip yesterday.  We fished the Lower Sac for stripers until 2pm and then headed up to Fall River for the hex hatch. We had pretty good striper fishing, albeit for small fish, in the morning and then the hex hatch was about as good as it gets.  My clients Frank and Doug landed close to ten big fish on hex dries last night.  Pretty amazing, especially considering the windy conditions.  All of the hex fish were 16-19" and were great fighters.

The fishing was challenging during the day today.  We landed just a couple fish, but one of them was Doug's best Fall River fish ever, a 21" rainbow.

The hex hatch was really good again tonight.  The wind totally changed from last night and there were way more bugs, so our flies were a bit outnumbered.  We landed four or five nice fish.  Frank and Doug have done the hex hatch many times over the years and they thought this year was the best they've ever seen.

Dax and Leslie have opened up some dates in early July - come up and experience the hex hatch.  

Posted: June 24, 2016, 12:00 am
I spent a half-day this morning on the Sac with longtime clients Frank & Doug from the Sacramento area.  It was their first time fishing for stripers and they had a blast.  We didn't get any big boys today, but we hooked about a dozen schoolies in the 10-16" size range.  The water clarity isn't the best right now - it's coming out of Keswick pretty green.  That makes it hard to sight-fish for larger fish and see when other fish are chasing the flies.  We saw some pretty nice largemouth and smallmouth bass in a couple of sloughs, but they were surrounded by thousands of baitfish and didn't seem to be hungry! 
Posted: June 23, 2016, 12:00 am

The weather has been very sporadic in June here in Nor Cal.  Mt. Shasta got a beautiful blanket of fresh snow a few nights ago.  It makes for beautiful sunsets on Fall River as you await the hex hatch.  Some of the windy and cooler nights this past week kept the hatch from happening, but overall its been a superb hex season despite the unseasonal weather.  The hatch is happening both above and below the confluence, which makes for a nice displacement of pressure.  Don't drop right below somebody when there is two hundred yards of open water above them.  Llights!  If you don't have proper lights on your boat, at least have headlamps and flashlights.  Better yet, Shasta Angler in Fall River has the proper lights for you, the game warden and other anglers don't care if your crappy rental boat isn't properly equipped with lights...its the operator's responsibility.

Hat Creek has been decent in the mornings and evenings, kinda tough during the day.  The warmer weather will help hatches.  The Mac has been the typical McCloud.  At times you wonder if there are any fish or insects in the place, then all of a sudden it turns on and you are hooking fish all over the place.  Afternoons have been better recently for me.  


I only have a few more days available for trout season.  Fishing should be great these next few weeks. 

Posted: June 20, 2016, 12:00 am

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