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Before you head into the woods. You need to get a license or tag. Head over to the CDFW for more information about getting your License.

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The best hunting in California can be found in the Northstate. Deer, pig, turkey, and duck hunting is plentiful and thrilling for those of all ages and skill levels. Those looking to go hunting in Northern CA should consider using a guide service as this guarantees a unique experience that is both safe and full of wildlife encounters.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Hunting Gun Transportation

October is prime season for ducks and deer hunting in Northern California. As you’re gearing up for weekend hunting trips in the Northstate, brush up on laws that monitor the transportation of guns and ammunition on hunting trips. Safe Transportation of Guns In...

Best Hunting Locations in Northern California

Best Hunting Locations in the Northstate There are some great hunting opportunities in the Northstate, California region. Game can include bear, quail, pig, deer and turkey just to name a few and it’s a great trip for all skill levels and ages. Here are the top...

Go ahead and trespass – You’re not hurting anything!

I got into a conversation the other day. The topic was a worn out favorite. It has been discussed and written about countless times and my input will probably not change things. I am willing to bet if you have spent any time outdoors, you have covered this ground....

My First Turkey Hunt

So let me set the stage and background for you. I have been turkey hunting a few times before and have actually been fortunate enough to harvest two birds. What I haven’t done is go by myself. Each time I have had someone with substantial experience be my guide...

Modoc Oufitters Duck Hunting Trip

We went out with Brent Dolby from Modoc Outfitters and in short the pictures tell the story. We all limited out and had a great time. Three separate flights of geese came over us and on the first two I must have had some bad shells in the gun because I didn’t do...

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