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Mum Wildlife

Multiple Use Managers is both a wildlife management company and a hunting outfitting service. We assist landowners with habitat enhancement, population dynamics, animal control, and incorporating wildlife-based recreation programs with traditional land uses—hence our name Multiple Use Managers, Inc. We also offer quality, private land hunts for Roosevelt elk, tule elk, Columbian black-tailed deer, black bear, wild boar, California quail, dove, and squirrels. We’ve been offering these wildlife management services and hunting trips since founder Wayne Long started his career in 1961. Longevity in the wildlife business is proof we deliver what we say. Wayne’s son Gordon Long has taken over the reins in recent years, but Wayne still stays involved where he can. Review our site and let us know how we can help you realize your wildlife goals.

Acorn Ridge Outfitters

The guides at Acorn Ridge Outfitters have a passion for hunting with many years of experience. We have lived in the area most of our lives, so we know the terrain very well. We are hard working and dedicated to making your hunt a memorable one. We look forward to hunting with you! We’re located approximately 100 miles north of Sacramento, and 100 miles south of Redding. Because our hunting properties are broken up into several locations, we’ll contact you prior to your hunt with detailed directions for the specific location where your hunt will take place.

Northern California Hunting

Welcome to the DASH Ranch: a family owned, working cattle ranch in Northern California’s Shasta County. With oak-studded foothills and brushy draws, it is also the perfect habitat for Blacktail Deer, wild pigs, Rocky Mountain Elk, Valley Quail and Rio Grande Turkey. The ranch sits in a natural migration corridor for Blacktail Deer on their way to winter feeding grounds. Blue Oak acorns are their primary food source in the fall and the ranch is host to thousands of these trees. With 100% hunter success over the last 8 years, you are practically guaranteed the opportunity to harvest a mature Blacktail buck. When deer season ends, don’t put your gun away – we have a healthy wild pig population. Hogs are smart, tough, game animals that will test your nerves and shooting skills. Whether you’re looking for a small boar or sow to fill your freezer for the winter, or a 300-pound boar with 2″ plus tusks to hang in your trophy room, your chances for a successful hunt are excellent. Shasta County is also home to a growing herd of Rocky Mountain Elk. In 2010 the California Department of Fish and Game expanded its NorthEastern Elk Hunt Unit and the DASH Ranch is now part of this expanded Elk hunting area. Every year we see numerous cows and some incredible bulls. This is a rare opportunity to hunt a herd that has never been hunted. If you’re lucky enough to draw a tag for this area, give us a call if you’re interested in a hunt on the DASH Ranch.With a tremendous population of resident Rio Grande Turkeys you can bet on spotting trophy gobblers. Check out the Turkey Photos on our Turkey Hunt Page. Turkeys weighing over 20-pounds and sporting 10″ beards are common. One great benefit of hunting the DASH Ranch is the homework is done for you: the birds are scouted before you arrive.When rain and feed conditions are right, the Valley Quail population explodes. And with plenty of blackberry patches and brushy draws here on the ranch, it can make for some great wild bird hunting. Call Dave to check on this year’s Valley Quail hatch: you may want to join us for a hunt.